Dreaming of Summer Days

Once again I’ll lament for a minute about the lack of seasons in Hawaii. It’s not something I usually mourn, but in the case of not being able to wear fun warm clothes, it is. In college on the east coast, I would relish the time when I first needed to bundle up – granted a week or so later when the pristine snow turned to dirty ice, I was decidedly over it. Still, I miss it. Although I supposed the season has changed a bit in here since it’s been gray and rainy for the past week. I will dedicate this post in memory of sunnier times and with a hope that cooler weather will soon be upon us.

A very sad thing to note is that our camera and/or lens died during this photo shoot. I am not sure what is wrong with it or when it’ll be fixed so this might be a slowing down of posts for a while. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Santa will bring me a new camera for Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed.

This is a Ralph Lauren vest that I found while out thrifting. It had a perfect fit and equestrian feel, which I couldn’t say no to. Plus, it’s great for layering – about as much as I can tolerate in the Hawaii fall heat.

vest – thrifted Ralph Lauren
shirt – jcrew
shorts – Joe’s Jeans
sunglasses – Michele from Nordstrom
earrings – Collector’s show sale bin
shoes – Nordstrom Rack

A Consignment Paradise

For months now, I have been regaling the world with stories of thrift stores, flea markets and vintage shops where I buy all of my great finds, but what about where to go to give away your oldies, but goodies?  I have been visiting consignment stores since high school and although the landscape has changed – shops have come and gone, I still stand by this practice as a great way to expand your wardrobe or just make a few bucks.

This past weekend, the little sister came with me on a consignment adventure dutifully helping schlep bags of clothes to and from the car. The first stop we made was at Tara’s Secret Closet located at 2013 South King Street.  Phone: 808.942.2442. This store is actually a shoot off from The Clothes Chick on Kapahulu (blogged about here), but I’d never been so I wanted to check it out. In all honesty, I probably should have been a little more selective in my choice of consignment store. Although nice and pretty basic, I wasn’t able to find a lot of pieces to swap for and Tara doesn’t give back cash so I am now stuck with a load of credit and the hope that someone out there brings in great giveaways. Not all hope was lost because I did depart with a gorgeous silk vintage skirt that reminds me of my wedding dress and maroon Italian leather boots. I’ll keep checking in to see what else I can find.

Another stop of the day was to Nini’s Boutique at 54 Koko Head Avenue. Phone: 808.739.2500. Nini’s is special because she only takes clothes with the tags still attached, which basically means you are buying new clothes. I never could conceive of people who didn’t wear the clothes that they purchased, but I’ve since accumulated a number of items while traveling that I just can’t bring myself to wear. Sadly, she was randomly closed on Saturday, so I’ll have to make another visit. On past trips, I’ve found J.Crew and Ann Taylor tops that would still be in the store for a fraction of the price. Beware though, in the past she only took cash so make sure to bring a bunch as you’ll surely find a ton of great stuff!

Our last stop (which I sadly couldn’t find a photo of) is the newly relocated Pzazz. It’s now on the top floor above the theatre of Kahala Mall in a shared space with Ceasars Cleaners at 3057 Waialae Ave # C.
Phone: 808.732.5900. This store is great! I found an array of items both new and consigned that I wanted, but exercised some self control and walked away with only 2 dresses. Their policy is to only take items that have been purchased recently so the styles are very current. They go through your items and put them on the floor for 90 days. If they sell, you get 40% in cash or store credit. If not, you just take back your items.

I didn’t have time to take photos of what I bought, but I will soon!

Traverse Reverse

Being the extremely thrifty and frugal gal that I am, I just love me a good deal. In some cases, good deals are made even sweeter with some creativity and ingenuity. Take this dress for example. I purchased it from MiSh mAsH at an Art&Flea a while ago for $8. It’s made with this great chambray-esque fabric that breathes well and has just a bit of sheen. I knew I had to make a few fit changes so as I started in on the hem, taking in the sides and moving around some buttons, it occurred to me that I could make it REVERSIBLE!! And that’s just what I did. (You’ll see what I did below.)

These awesome lace up boots were another find from MiSh mAsH at Art&Flea. I like to think of them as the pedal equivalent of the ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants’ because my pal Trina and I could both fit them and we have feet separated by 2 sizes! Below is the back of my dress. To reverse it, I just unbutton and tuck the corners under to create a v-neck. Tadaaa!

dress & boots – MiSh mAsH at Art&Flea
sunglasses – Max Mara
vintage necklace – flea market
belt – Forever21

Like sweats, but better!

This was an ensemble from a while ago when I still had bangs that I must’ve misplaced. I can’t say enough how much I love this dress. Although a bit too long for me (but I’m too lazy to try and reconstruct/hem it), I love it oh so much.  The adoration abounds mainly because of the fact that it totally feels like sweats. The fabric is that soft, slightly plush, smooth cotton that we’ve all come to love, especially when we feel tired or cranky or when the weather is uncooperative.

I saw the dress in an issue of Vogue waaaay back in the beginning of summer and took this very photo below on my iphone and sent it to my dear friend Stacy who lives in NYC. She was sweet enough to pick one up for me (and one for herself of course) from the only US Uniqlo store and bring them to Hawaii when she came home during the summer. So now I wear it more often then I should and revel in the fact that yes, I AM wearing sweats to work!

Awesome vintage belt above from MisH mAsH at an Art&Flea. And my favorite, favorite vintage earrings from a popCLOTH sale.

dress – Costello Tagliapietra from Uniqlo
vintage belt – MisH mAsH from Art&Flea
vintage earrings – from popCLOTH sale
patent oxfords – Aly from Mechakawa vintage

Polka dots on the horizon

Okay, okay, I am back. I’ve heard from more than one person that I’ve been a very bad blogger recently. I took a fun couple of weeks off (patiently waiting for some “Style This” inspiration, but alas I guess my 60’s dress stumped everyone). This past weekend, I was finally able to take some ensemble shots. Hopefully I can keep up again although I have to say that I have lost all of my lovely photographers recently: the hubby has been keeping busy with lots of work, sister started her fall semester and work buddy left. Bygones.

This weekend involved entirely too much fun and side-splitting laughs with old friends. The culmination was this little visit to a secluded beach off the Makapuu light house trail. I finally got to show off my vintage Ferragamo’s with the refurbished heel. Unfortunately, suede shoes and sand are not a good pairing and I spent a good chunk of time painstakingly cleaning them when I got home. My polka dot culottes were a fun $3 find at the first YWCA benefit sale that I volunteered at. I added a cuffed hem and just love their breeziness. Perfect for seaside lounging. It’s only Tuesday, and I am longing for the weekend already. I think a little more of this view below is necessary.

tank – Target
polka dot culottes – thrifted from YWCA benefits sale
sweater – Nordstrom
Ferragamo’s – vintage and thrifted
necklace – forever21
earrings – vintage